About Us

The New East Platform is a non-governmental organization which examines the political, social, economic and cultural elements shaping the fast growing region of Eastern Europe. Our purpose is to challenge misconceptions featuring in the Western media and to provide an alternative, non-politicized view on Eastern European affairs. Our authors are picked on the basis of direct exposure to countries in Eastern Europe and/or an active interest in the region’s present and past. Through analysis and commentary and events held both in London and abroad, we aim to connect young analysts and commentators with the purpose of forging constructive discussion about the realities and prospects of Eastern Europe.

New East Platform is a registered charity in the UK. Charity Reference Number: 1163752

Flavia Munteanu – CEO

Olga Lenczewska  Assistant Editor

James Allcock – Assistant Editor

Marta Koch – Marketing Director

We are always on the look out for new contributors – writers, photographers, artists and journalists are welcome to get involved. Interested organizations, academics and experts in Eastern European policy as well as other potential collaborators may contact Flavia Munteanu at neweastplatform@gmail.com



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